A 360 virtual tour is a collection of  3D panoramic renderings with the ability to navigate between them.

A 360° virtual tour enables your web visitors to view everything within a physical location in 360° radius. Imagine you are staying in the middle of the room and looking at it. That is exactly what your visitors will experience having 360 ° virtual tours online via the website.

This advanced service gives you a clear picture of your design and the potential of space at an early stage. 360 ° VR Tour is great for those who design larger spaces, commercial or residential. With this service you can go from room to room and get a complete picture of your potential design.

Furthermore, 360° virtual tour features a ground plan and hot spots allowing tour visitors to interact directly with the scene. The real and interactive elements are the factors that make 360° virtual tours so compelling.

One of the main benefits of 360° virtual tour is that it can deliver stunning visual impact. It is audience-captivating and could be determining factor in your customer’s decision to visit your property.

Proposes functionality for 360° virtual tour:

  • Realistic panorama (360 degrees)
  • Interactive floor plan (with hot spots of exhibits)
  • Possibility of rotation
  • Ability to select exhibits (room/spaces)
  • Photos and description of selected room/space

Presenting designs to third parties can be a challenging task. Architects may find it difficult to describe spaces to their clients, therefore more firms are incorporating virtual reality into their workflows and project presentations.

Our Globe consulting expert team allow designers and architects to share a window into something that doesn’t exist yet. Use our service to show off all that you can do. VR is more immersive and more memorable than any other design presentation. Win business by letting your clients explore inside your vision, they’ll have a greater understanding of your proposal, and a greater trust in your ability to communicate with them.