Finally the perfect interactive sales tool that brings a revolution in the real estate market. We represent to you ImmoGC navigator, an interactive application that combines all modern real estate presentation techniques and connects investors and sellers with buyers and the end users, in a way that has been unimaginable until now.

After many years of work and tons of gathered experience in this branch, we have finally found out a solution how to help you to sell your project faster, minimize your financial risks and ensure your customers and investors satisfaction, at the same time helping them to build their own brand.

ImmoGC navigator combines all our products into an interactive web interface that can be integrated into your project website. With the help of the ImmoGC, the visitor gets a clear overview of the project such as price, area, floor and sales status for each individual unit. Incorporated realistic digital twin of reality in form of virtual tours and high quality renderings, enables clients to explore and evaluate properties with ease. All gathered in one place, in uniform design.

  • Inspire funding for the project from the outline design stage through better visualisation.
  • Enable the end users or clients to explore and understand the building in 3D, explore the space.
  • Language barriers can be broken down without so much need for verbal communication.
  • Allow potential occupants to see what they are buying into. Having the Virtual tour well before the actual building is built.
  • Create a PR story at presentations, creating a buzz around the development by showing the audience something they have not seen before. Gett the audience immersed in your vision.

Increase client enquiries and make your property stand out with ImmoGC navigator.

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