When it comes to digitally staging occupied or vacant real estate in Switzerland, you already think Globe consulting, and now Matterport is our cutting edge approach to 3-dimensionally rendering your project. Our trusted team of design professionals use the Matterport Pro 3D camera system to easily capture, edit, & share your real-world location through a high quality capture and distribution process. From a vast array of viewpoints, this efficient and powerful tool creates a virtual perspective by digitally collecting measurements, then processing your data all for the single intent of creating your virtually-rendered space with extreme precision.

Matterport is a flexible, versatile photography solution that works well in any real estate environment. Residential, commercial, leisure – it doesn’t “matter”. You can use Matterport as a reliable marketing and presentation tool that will help you attain and draw more attention to your listings. Dimensionally accurate within 1%, the system offers first-person explorative layouts, spatially accurate schematic floor plans, and a 3rd person dollhouse showcasing. Our expert team at Globe consulting uses Matterport to expeditiously generate an efficient and complete 3-Dimensional representation of your final product.

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